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Catalyst Lending, Inc. is a place to make your mark, excel with confidence and make a significant, positive difference in the lives of others.
  • We work fast and hard here, because timing is everything to our clients and we never want them to miss a window of opportunity.
  • We are accurate and professional – because someone’s life savings is depending on us.
  • We are trustworthy confidants of each client’s most valued information, work hard to educate them every step of the way and give them peace of mind.
  • We respect each person we work for and each of our peers as well.
We value your role. We support your success.
As a Loan Officer for Catalyst Lending, you are the face and the heart of what we do. You are the person someone remembers long after the loan is done. The person who gets a heartfelt hug at a closing or a tearful “thank you” for the completion of a first home mortgage. You are helping people realize their dreams and we are here to support you in every way possible.

We’ll give you the tools you need to confidently serve your customers. You will have the backing of our organization – strong, proven, well capitalized and trusted. Our sterling reputation for accuracy, timeliness and excellent communications will build on your own strong track record and elevate your career to the next level.

We Offer:
  • Automated mortgage-specific CRM
  • Pre- and post-close client marketing, both digital and print
  • Referral partner marketing, both digital and print
  • Competitive pricing and a range of products to customize solutions for your customers’
  • Multiple investor outlets
  • Scenario desk/product support to help you through any type of scenario
  • A streamlined processes to keeps things moving from clear-to-close
At Catalyst Lending, we’ll help you be nimble and entrepreneurial – serving clients quickly and empowering you to get the job done without a myriad of unneeded hierarchy.

With over 100 employees and more than eight years of satisfied customers, our multi-state reputation creates excellent word-of-mouth business and a reputation you can be proud to add to your own. You’ll find we have excellent benefits and a culture that is fun, humble, supportive and energetic. We are team players who believe that we’re in this together and your success is crucial to the success of all.

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