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June 6, 2017 | posted by Kevin Yamane

As a loan officer, finding the right workplace can feel daunting for a number of reasons. Lending companies that don’t have the right systems in place can mean your deals suffer—even though you’ve done everything right—making you the “bad guy” in your customers’ eyes. There’s also the common problem of lack of transparency and honesty—coupled with a major lack of accessibility on the part of upper management—which makes it impossible for loan officers to get the support they need to see through successful deals for their customers.
When we founded Catalyst Lending, our goal was to make a positive change in the lives of everyone we ever touch—and this especially applies to our team. Today, then, we’re breaking down exactly what it’s like to work for Catalyst Lending—and why loan officer careers at Catalyst Lending are easier, more successful and much more fun than those at other lending companies.

Working at Catalyst Lending Lets You Be The Hero

Here’s the thing that other lending companies tend to forget: when loan officers succeed, the entire company succeeds. We want you to be the hero—we’re rooting for you every step of the way, and we have a number of systems and standards in place that ensure you succeed for your customers every single time. You never have to worry about closing late, as we get documents to escrow 1-2 days early to ensure the closing process goes smoothly. Plus, 90% of our loans are underwritten in just 24 hours, while all others are underwritten within 48. We also use multiple trustworthy, experienced and local Appraisal Management Companies (AMCs) to ensure your appraisals are performed in the shortest amount of time and your buyers receive an accurate property value.

Our Streamlined Systems are Built for Your Success

All lending companies have programs and pricing engines, but we have a system that will get your deals done for you. Once you’ve originated a file, we have a standard in place that keeps that file moving—so you’re never stuck waiting. If something’s missing, a needs list is automatically generated. Plus, our in-house team controls the transaction process from start to finish, which means your loans move through the process more accurately and close faster. If our team ever notices something that’s missing or in need of clarification, they let you know immediately.

Our Tools Work For You, Rather Than Get In Your Way

Oftentimes, lending companies have tools in place that sound nice at first, but end up causing more problems for loan officers than they actually solve. We only incorporate the best, proven technologies and tools to help you grow your business. We partner with Encompass for our Loan Origination System (LOS) and offer a CRM for lead management and nurturing. We also offer multiple investor outlets and have a scenario desk to help you find the right solution when you need help with deal structuring.

Management is Accessible, Not Stifling

Work at Catalyst Lending is transparent, open and honest. We understand how frustrating it is to have inaccessible upper management and executive teams, which is why we’ve built a culture around an open-communication policy. Our CEO and COO both have open-door policies. You’ll get to know our CEO, Dave Marr—he’ll even email and call you. Our executive team and upper management are always open to hearing ideas for improvement. If you ever face an issue that frustrates you, they want to know about it immediately. While we’re easily accessible, though, we believe in allowing you to work independently—so we never micromanage or stifle your process.

A Culture of Joy and Teamwork

At Catalyst Lending, our mission is to help others reach their goals by being an agent for positive change in the lives of everyone we touch. This includes our team. This mission statement isn’t just something we put up on our website or recite to clients—it’s something we live by. Without the right workplace culture in place, a career as a loan officer can be exhausting and discouraging, which is why we focus on teamwork and joy at Catalyst Lending. We love what we do, and we never take our loan officers—or the customers they serve—for granted.
Overall, a loan officer career at Catalyst Lending offers you the systems, tools and support you need to succeed, while allowing you the freedom and recognition you need to actually enjoy that success. Visit the Catalyst Lending careers page to learn more about loan officer careers within the company. We’d love to have you on our team!