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As you start the home buying process, the more you know the more smoothly it will go.

The idea of shopping for and financing a home can feel daunting. What can you afford? What type of loan should you get? How long will it take and in what order do you do things? Having the answers and loan approval before you even start shopping can make all the difference.

That’s why Catalyst Lending offers the unique CLIC Approval*.

CLIC stands for: Catalyst Lending Iron-Clad (CLIC) Approval. Our CLIC process makes your offer stand out in strength against other offers. It will certainly help you get the home of your dreams.

It’s all about giving you the power of knowledge.

We will analyze your financial situation and, if approved, provide you with a CLIC Approval Certificate. CLIC makes your entire purchase process move faster as it is fully underwritten and close-ready. It’s almost like cash. (Subject to conditions)*

In other words – CLIC guarantees that you are qualified for your requested loan amount.

The CLIC Approval is guaranteed, so sellers have full confidence in it. Catalyst Lending will pay the seller $10,000 if a mistake made by Catalyst Lending in issuing the CLIC Approval results in you not being able to purchase the property. That’s how confident we are!

With a CLIC Approval Certificate in hand, you have negotiating power.

CLIC gives you the same negotiating strength as if you were buying with cash. And that means a lot to sellers.

Our mission statement isn't an empty promise.
It directs, motivates and guides our team in all that we do.