CLIC Approval

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CLIC-Approved loans make your offer stand-out.

Catalyst Lending Iron-Clad (CLIC) Approvals are the surest way to get a loan, faster.

CLIC Approved borrowers are:

  • Guaranteed purchase-ready
  • Fully documented
  • Credit approved
  • Backed by our $10,000 guarantee to the seller

To ensure your offer is CLIC Approved, contact a Catalyst Lending Loan Officer.


Terms and Conditions to the Catalyst Lending Iron-Clad Loan Approval.

Catalyst Lending, Inc. will provide a CLIC Approval certificate that indicates the specified borrower is credit qualified for a mortgage loan within stated parameters. Catalyst Lending will pay the Seller $10,000 if a mistake made by Catalyst Lending in issuing the CLIC Approval results in the borrower not being able to purchase the Seller's property. There are requirements that exist beyond the borrower's credit qualifications that must be underwritten by Catalyst Lending prior to full unconditional loan approval. Items outside the borrower's credit qualifications are not covered under this guarantee. Examples of these conditions include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Acceptable executed purchase contract
  • Acceptable appraisal
  • Acceptable title review
  • Condominium certification or review (if applicable)
  • Interest rate lock no higher than the approved rate
  • Other non-borrower information

Catalyst Lending will rely on the borrower to provide a full description of their financial information. Catalyst Lending will complete its due diligence verifying the borrower information to be true and correct as of the date stipulated on the CLIC Approval certificate. If any information considered by Catalyst Lending when issuing the CLIC Approval certificate changes subsequent to the certificate date or is later found to be misrepresented, and such change or misrepresentation would negatively affect the credit qualification of the borrower, this guarantee shall be deemed null and void.

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